A Happy Accident?

Long weekend in January. What does that mean?  It means I love it, and I especially love the Sunday’s of it. If done right, long weekend Sunday’s never see the light of day, but only the light of each other. A continuation of Saturday night and preview of Monday morning spent in bliss, if we are lucky.

So we find ourselves at the intersection of needing a store run and Sunday morning, but after… If we got out of the house early enough, we could still retreat and salvage a fun afternoon and long evening. So we motivated through the errands, and I got lucky, Daddy picked out and bought new socks for me. (Squee, I can’t wait to wear them!)

We got home, put away groceries and then I went to shower and dress up for Daddy. I picked out a cute little dress and my favorite pink booties to wear. I started up the shower and as I stepped in, I slid and as I fell the back of my ankle hit on the tile step and holy cow, that was it, I was done.

I got out of the shower, cold and wet instead of cute and clean. I limped to bed with ice pack in hand for my leg. I like pain about as much as I like to be cold, and I could already see a mark on my leg, so I was not a happy camper. When Daddy discovered me in our room, hurt and unhappy, His concern was great.

I was distracting myself on the laptop and He asked if He could see it for a moment. I passed it over, and He asked me to practice some slave poses for Him while He worked.

I knelt before Him, which was a good test of how my leg was feeling. I could kneel upright but I could not allow my bottom to drop down to my leg, as the pain would become concerning. I spent the entire time He was working obsessing about my leg and how it already was and would continue to interfere with our afternoon.

When He asked me to lean in and look at the screen, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He showed me our new website: sacredbondage.com

We have been talking about wanting to blog and share our journey and just like magick He gives it to me when I am feeling hurt and grumpy.

So here I am, ice pack on the leg (it is starting to feel better) and mind filled with creative ideas. I am turning my thoughts into reality, while Daddy nuzzles me and whispers words of encouragement.

He always knows what I need, because He pays attention to me. He cares. Instead of a grumpy downward spiral kind of afternoon, my accident gave way to an exciting new beginning. So I do think it might have been a happy accident after all.

Thank you Daddy, this will be fun! -Love Bliss