Discovering The Ordeal Path

One could say I only recently discovered The Ordeal Path, and that would be a truthful statement. I’ve led quite the vanilla life. One could also say I was introduced to the Ordeal Path 2 dozen years ago by The Wizard, I just didn’t realize our sacred lifestyle had a name.

It was decades ago, but I will never forget the first time The Wizard bound me and brought me to bliss. Life melted away and my senses opened in ways I had never experienced  before. I experience Love and the exulted feeling of being a Goddess in the arms of My God. For my entire adult life, The Wizard has been my Priest and Husband, Lover and Best Friend. Under His steady and firm guidance, I have been Blessed to spend my life furthering my spiritual growth and connection to the Goddess within me.

Together we have learned with the power of Love is the power to transform and we continue to work and apply that principle to our Life. We share our journey here and hope it inspires others to trust in Love.

Blessed Be! – Bliss