Learning to Fly

I’m an air sign, I love the wind in my hair, breeze on my face. When Springtime arrives, I am filled with desire be outside, refueling and re-energizing my spirit. The warmth and new life makes me feel as if anything is possible.

One particular Springtime day, The Wizard invited me to walk in the woods with him. The air was warm and the ground was soggy with brightly colored green moss dotting the path. The sun was breaking through the trees, casting shadows as we wandered.

The Wizard led me to a secluded lake, with a grand weeping willow dipping her branches to the water. We spread out a blanket and He invited me to sit in his lap. We cuddled together quietly, absorbing the blossoming life all around us. I love the color of the willow’s new green leaves. The energy all around us was a buzz. As we sat listening, I focused in on a sweet chirping song coming from a bird somewhere in the tree above us.

My curiosity with the bird continued to grow until The Wizard suggested I try to peek at it. I giggled, knowing I am too short to see into the nest and climbing up to look in would scare the bird. The Wizard smiled and looked deeply into me with his blue eyes and asked if I would like to see inside the next.

“Yes Daddy” was my reply.

The Wizard stood and called me to him. “I will lift you,” He told me.

It is a bit of a push for me to let me feet leave the ground. Fear of falling I would guess. Yet there I was, looking into my Wizard’s eyes as He beckoned me to allow him to hoist me up above his head so that I may peek into the nest.

My face flushed and my heart began to pound. I was fighting between my escalating fears: leave the ground or risk disappointing Daddy.

“Come now,” He said.

I stood before him and listened as he instructed me to put my hands on his shoulders, foot into his cupped hands. I did so and he propelled me upward so quickly I nearly lost balance. I squeaked out loud before I was able to steady myself. I was doing it, I was standing in His palms while He was holding me above His head. I was filled with both thrill and terror, feet no longer on the ground but firmly in His hands.

It was then that I saw her. The tiny little songbird, as interested in me as I her. We just stared at each other and for one fleeting moment, we were acutely aware of each other. The Wizard then lowered me to the ground, kissed me tenderly, then pulled me into His arms and listened to me chirp on and on about leaving the ground and seeing inside the nest.

What a beautiful Spring day it was, when my Wizard pushed my limit and taught me that I too could learn to fly.